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Welcome to

On Stage at
The Freight House


A Message from Mick Sterling

Hello everyone,


We are incredibly grateful for your support of 'On Stage at The Freight House' during the 2023/2024 season. Your presence at the shows meant a lot to us, and we sincerely hope you enjoyed the experience as much as the musicians who performed for you.


Despite facing challenges such as cancellations and other show-related obstacles, we have gained valuable insights into what works well and what needs improvement over the past two seasons.


We are thrilled to introduce FareHarbor as our exclusive ticketing service for all 'On Stage at The Freight House' shows. This new service features a user-friendly online booking system and offers significantly lower fees, saving over $5 per ticket compared to previous Eventbrite charges for general admission tickets.


In appreciation for your consistent support, Mick Sterling Presents and The Freight House are offering you a first look at the 2024-2025 'On Stage' schedule. Many fan favorites are returning, and there are also some exciting new shows debuting in the upcoming season!


Moreover, we have revamped the popular Sterling Club Membership for the upcoming season and are pleased to offer a limited-time 10% discount on the 2024-2025 Sterling Club Season Pass to our loyal patrons until July 31st, along with the early access to the upcoming app ‘IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE THIS YOU HAVEN'T DONE STILLWATER’.

Make sure you visit the Mick Sterling Presents tents at the upcoming LUMBERJACK DAYS, too!


Please see below for the complete 2024/2025 Schedule, along with details and pricing for Individual Ticket and Sterling Club Season Passes.


Thank you once again for your continuous support and enthusiasm! We encourage you to take advantage of these discounts and are looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming 'On Stage at The Freight House' series, premiering this fall on Friday, November 1st, and running through the end of April 2025.


Many thanks, Mick Sterling | Mick Sterling Presents

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